tx 2 e1465538905723 Alacell Trouble care serum
  • Effective Trouble care solution
  • Safe, fast and short-term effects on the economy
  • Applying to ALACELL (ALA+Peptide)
  • A status of intellectual property rights (10-1369238 /10-1252468 /10-1285720)
  • Development two types -Hospital and Homecare- applying to ALA-Peptide in accordance with the purposes

Clinical testing

Home-care products
tx e1465537317541 267x267 Alacell Trouble care serum
  • Product : TX
  • the main component : ALACELL
  • Packing : 15ml
  • In parallel with PDT treatment, Trouble care solution(Home care) applying to a new material(ALA-Peptide) combined ALA(5-Aminolevulnic) and Peptide, which is effective on improving skin trouble.